Hot Glass Demonstrations & YAYA Arts Center Open House

YAYA regularly hosts glass making demonstrations at the YAYA Arts Center. Keep an eye out for upcoming demos by following us on Facebook, or by signing up for our newsletter. Help support our free, community arts programming by participating in our Goblet Grab! Take home a custom glass or ceramic cup made in house for only $25 and enjoy FREE drinks for the night! (Sponsored by NOLA Brewing)

This event is FREE and open to all ages. Must be 21+ to drink.

YAYA’s next scheduled demo: Friday, April 21, 2017 | 6-9pm

Guest Artist: YAYA’s current Artist-in-Residence, Giles Bettison

Artist Description: GILES BETTISON is an internationally acclaimed artist, known for his pioneering efforts with the murrine technique and his adept use of patterns and visual textures. Giles’ work uses abstract representations of surroundings and landscapes, real and imagined, to examine the way people respond to the environment they find themselves in and to demonstrate the concept that movement through life is manifested in the patterns that consciously and unconsciously govern our lives. The texture, light, and color in rural and outback Australia, as well as the grids and rhythms of urban landscapes, are part of his personal experience of connecting to place and people. He has taught in the US at Corning, Pilchuck, and Penland; Cerfav in France; Creative Glass in Switzerland; Canberra School of Art and JamFactory in Australia. His artwork is collected internationally and is in many public and private collections. Originally from Australia, Giles currently resides in New Orleans.